Three Basic Elements Of Operation Management In An Organization

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Assignment 1 Operation management in an organization Operations are the key activities of an organization which are used for the production of goods/services. Services are tangible means these can’t be seen but you have the results i.e. these are consumed as they are produced. Products are intangible which can be seen e.g. vehicle, building etc. The operation management is concerned with the planning, organizing and controlling the process of production. The organization basically depends upon the three basic elements. The elements are marketing, finance, and operations. In the marketing the demand is raised for products/services. Then the operation management comes in form, in operations management the raw material/inputs transformed into…show more content…
The marketing helps the operation manager in planning, organizing, budgeting, to make the project successful. By the marketing activities the company learns the customer behavior such as what’s trend is going on, competitors behavior etc. it is very helpful for the operation managers to identify the unmet needs in their production for the targeted customers. It’s necessary to know the customer’s needs because if the product meets all the requirements of the customers, then they make demand which is necessary for the company to maximize as a profit. The sales department is a key ingredient in company to make a long term relationship with customers. If the customers are satisfied with the services then it will automatically lead to get more profit. Sales people directly communicate with the customers, address the buyers and recommend the products. If the sales department brings the negative feedback about any product, then the operations manager makes plan and new strategies for appropriate changes to accommodate the supply and demand of the product. The operation managers communicate with the sales department for ongoing communication with customer to know their future demands so that they can achieve their target by providing best services on appropriate time. The administration department is very important department of the company, because it records all the day to day purchases and expenses for the financial
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