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 The research background:

Despite there being nursing education offered at all levels in Iraq, the Iraq Ministry of Health (Iraq Ministry of Health) commented that there are many factors that have affected the situation of nursing and midwifery. These include the isolation, neglect, and conflict that have been the fate of Iraq for the past thirteen years. As a result, the nurses and midwives suffer from poor professional image and a low status. Little value is placed on nurses and midwives and their contributions to health care(World Health Organisation 2008).
Leadership and good managerial skills are severely deficient in the nursing service, regulation and the development of the professional nursing and its organisation in Iraq (Iraq Ministry of Health 2004). Few opportunities have been available for nurses to expand and exercise leadership skills, and the value of having well prepared senior nurses functioning in a collegial and collaborative fashion in the different sectors of health care delivery and health professional education is little recognized (Iraq Ministry of Health 2004). The powerlessness of nurses to make decisions about their profession affect their image, good communication, planning and decision making areas. This is in turn affects nursing participation in health care. For example, there is a lack of good role models and opportunities for mentoring at all levels in the clinical field, education, and management. Planning policy development and leadership is a major obstacle to developing a competent and confident nursing and midwifery workforce (Iraq Ministry of Health 2004). A well developed national nursing and midwifery profession cannot be improved if there are lack of nursing leadership at all lev...

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July, 2010, .

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