Nursing : A Personal Definition Of Nursing Essay

Nursing : A Personal Definition Of Nursing Essay

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Personal definition of nursing
Nursing for me is not only a profession, but rather a form of promoting physical and emotional well-being for my patients. At the same time, I consider that the nurse must have the quality to be caring. The patient needs to know that his/her nurse is there to comfort physically and emotionally during hard situations. In addition, nursing it is more than just performing procedures and administering medications. An important characteristic that will help in many aspects to alleviate suffering of my patients is compassion. By showing compassion, the recovery of my patients will have a better outcome. Also, another important aspect of my nursing definition is the presence of knowledge. As nurses, we have to identify and face different situations in the clinical practice if nurses lack the adequate knowledge the patient health outcomes can be jeopardized.
Nature of human caring
The nature of human caring is an art that must be present in a nurse. This element in nursing helps the nurse to show compassion and easy the sufferings of the patient. When the nurse owns this characteristic, the patient will be understood, respected and nurture. A caring nurse will have the priority to restore the health of her patients. In addition, not only the patient will benefit from a caring nurse, but also the family and people that surrounds the patient because the nurse will be supportive and will show love and kindness in every situation. After analyzing the nature of human caring, I have learned the different situations where I have been able to apply this theory to my nursing practice. During my last clinical rotation, I had a patient that presented some bleeding complications after surgery. I did everything it was ...

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...rofession now and make a difference for the patients that I will provide care. I think that in order to provide a compassionate and caring care, I do not need to be in a specific area of nursing. However, med sure made a big impact in my life during my clinical rotations because the majority of the patients have serious health conditions that not only need and outstanding care base on the nurse’s knowledge, but the presence of the nurse accompanied by compassion, honesty and respect. When the patient experiences some of these qualities in a nurse, the patient feels cared and respected. In addition, the patients will feel that they are being heard and valued by the nurse. It is the best reward for me when the patients express their gratitude because they have received the best care. I am looking forward to do my best and make a difference in the life of my patients.

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