The Importance Of Care In Nursing

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Nursing, it’s about taking care of the patients, that is the responsibility. Care, emotional and physical, plays a major role in nursing. It is extremely important that as a nurse you care for your patients. When they see that you care, they trust you to treat them. If you don’t care for them, then it will be harder to help them get better. There are educational courses you can take to teach and improve how to care for someone. This is a major part of being a nurse, to care for your patients, like you would your own family. Without caring for the patients, nurses wouldn’t be able to help the patients to the full potential.

Nursing is one of the most important careers there is. We want to improve this career and help with patients who have
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That they must care to give the best possible care that they can give these patients the best treatment that they can. These patients are the top priority to nurses. In order for them to do their jobs correctly they must care for the patient. (Rhodes, 2011) “The students described the importance of establishing the nurse-patient relationship, is based on the care that the nurse gives the patient.” (Rhodes, 2011) Nursing is all about the care of the patients. It’s essential that nurses show care to the patients. Care, it’s an important part of being a n. As there are many types of nursing: ER nurses, Cardiac Nurses, Neonatal nursing, clinical nurses, and surgical nurses. Each of these nurses care about their patients in different ways. They care emotionally different to, they have different responsibilities. All of these nurses care in different ways, but the one thing all of these nurses have in common is that they care for their patients, like they would care for their own families.

Some would say that caring separates nursing from other professions, because of the fact that nurses work more closely to the patients than anyone else does. Even the doctors do not have the same relationships that the nurses do. Students identified caring as motivation to be competent so to provide positive outcomes for the patients. A patient is more likely to interact and
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This is aimed at people who aren’t able to take care of themselves independently, in daily living, and at promoting and restoring all levels of independence. It’s a nurse-patient relationship that results from a person’s decrease in self-care and simultaneous increase in dependence on nursing care (Piredda, 2015) Dependence is something we all experience in their life, from the moment we are born we depend on someone or something in our lives. Dependency was associated with surrendering to being cared for by others gives both negative and positive feelings. Nurses take care of their patients to the point where they become dependent on their nurses. If the care relationship is positive, then the patient will allow others to help them in many ways. This is related to the care in nursing, because patients rely on the nurses in the hospitals to take care of them. If it is a positive relationship, they are more likely to let the nurses help. If the relationships are negative, they may lead to a struggle in obtaining care, couples with increased suffering. This supports the idea that the nurse-patient is central to nursing and perhaps the most effective way nurses can influence patient health outcomes.

One way to improve patient care is for the nurse to take a moment and focus on the patient in front of them. Nurses usually try to multitask and hurry, seeing as they have more than one patient to tend to on their hourly rounds. If they
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