Patient Advocacy In Nursing

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Based on my understanding of this course, nursing as a human science is both an art and science of helping people to enhance their lifestyle by restoring or promoting health changes. It is a caring and holistic art that sets itself in opposition to the rationality and reductive practices of scientific medicine and healthcare organization. Nursing is a science in the sense that it requires both the scientific and artistic knowledge of the human body as well as its disease process and health deviations. It is an art in the sense that it requires one to possess exceptional traits and skills such as caring, compassion, empathy, respect, responsibility, accountability, honesty, etc. The philosophy and mission of Lehman College relate to my ideas…show more content…
Patient advocacy is both essential and crucial for nurses to promote and ensure in the nursing field. I have learned in our class that patient advocacy plays a major role in building a trusting therapeutic relationship. Therefore, nurses must advocate on behalf of their patients and provide them with the support they deserve. Patient advocacy in nursing is being actively supportive of a patient in relation to his / her rights and choices, protecting basic human rights such as autonomy (Cole, Wellard, & Mummery, 2014). This simply means that patient advocacy is the act of informing and supporting a patient so that he/she can make the best possible decision for…show more content…
It is of high importance in health care due to the fact that nurses often care for vulnerable patients who may not be able to advocate for themselves in time of needs. Nurses must show patient advocacy by assisting the patient to choose decisions that are beneficial to the patient as well as informing them of their rights (Cole, Wellard, & Mummery, 2014). Because an individual has a right to self-determination and the freedom to choose what is best for themselves, patient advocacy that involves informing the patient should always be done in a professional manner with respect, honesty and dignity (Hanks, 2008). And nurses must show empathy and support of the decision a patient makes. It is also important for nurses to respect and encourage a patient advocacy and continue to ensure the choices of their patients are honored and respected despite of their opinions or beliefs on about them. Another aspect or concept of nursing that is extremely important is communication. In nursing, communication is a critical part of ensuring patients are cared for appropriately. The way one communicates can have a large impact on how one is viewed professionally, and on patient care. Communication is also vital aspect of nursing and it can influence the type of care given and the care that is received. Communication
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