Nurses Are Brokers Of Patient Care Resource Essay

Nurses Are Brokers Of Patient Care Resource Essay

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The nursing issue experienced
One significant nursing issue I encountered, during my clinical experience, is centered on nursing delegation. Delegation is a complex nursing practice aimed towards patient care. It requires the 2ability to make judgments under very complex situations and to have accountability for patient care. Nurses are brokers of patient care resource. They synthesize data collected by other healthcare professionals, for the purpose of coordinating safe and individualized care, thereby addressing the needs of the patient and their families. Registered nurses therefore have the responsibility of making decisions regarding what kind of care interventions are most appropriate for each patient. These decisions are made within settings where the shortage of resources places greater demands on the needs for nurses to delegate duties based on professional guidelines.
Delegation in healthcare facility is a very significant factor for nurses and patients to consider. The delegation of both direct and indirect responsibilities provides registered nurses the opportunity to spend more time in patient care and patient advocacy. The delegation helps in improving the outcome of patients and improving satisfaction for both the patient and nurses. Delegation allows nurses to contribute effectively to the patient and to the healthcare systems.
Literature review
The person in charge of nursing care is the registered nurse. However, it is considerably difficult for Registered Nurses to satisfy healthcare responsibilities to the large population of patients, based on the fact that there is significant shortage of qualified nursing staffs in healthcare facilities.
In this respect therefore, registered nurses call on thei...

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...ocess involves making decision about what tasks should be delegated. The Registered Nurse therefore must analyze the current situation and the existing work environment. The nurses must decide who does what and when. The second stage of delegation process involves selecting the preferred delegate. This involves identification of skills that are required to complete particular nursing responsibility. This allows the Registered Nurse to make decision on who has the best skills to attend to the situation. The Registered Nurse not only takes into consideration the skills held by the delegate but also considers the experience and competence the delegate holds. The third stage of delegation involves assigning the tasks. In this stage, the Registered Nurse gives vivid description of the responsibilities he or she is assigning to the identified assistive healthcare personnel.

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