The Nursing Need Theory: The Philosophy Of Nursing

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There are set definitions of nursing made by every nurses association and dictionary. However, nursing goes beyond the definition and has distinct meaning to each individual nurse whether they are aware of the meaning or not. Several nurses have chosen to publicize their beliefs about nursing into their own nursing theory. Other nurses may have ideas similar to these theories, completely different from the theories, or a combination of multiple theories. Some nurses may have never even considered what nursing truly means to them. However, it isn’t until nurses sit down and truly look at what nursing means to them that they can fulfill their duties as a nurse to their full potential. In any philosophy of nursing there are four metaparadigms…show more content…
Virginia Henderson developed the nursing need theory, which focuses on increasing the patient’s independence to speed up the recovery process (Alligood and Tomey, 2009). This is where my theory begins to connect with hers. Our main duty as nurses is to provide care for the patient while they are unable to care for themselves and facilitate them to be the best individual they can be. For this reason nursing is both a science and an art. It is a science in that nurses must understand the disease processes that are affecting the patient’s health, they must also practice based on evidence that is defended by science, and know how to operate equipment and machines. However, it is an art because it requires unique care for each patient, and each nurse is going to provide care in a slightly different way. The nurse is responsible for following the health care providers plan of care, but the nurse provides the creativity that provides the individualized care. The ultimate goal of nursing is to provide care to facilitate the patient in retaining or maintaining their maximal level of…show more content…
Health is the state of maximum potential. Maximum potential varies from person to person and does not mean being illness or injury free. A person with a chronic disease may not be able to be completely illness free however, with the assistance of nursing care can be considered healthy when they are at the healthiest they can be. Virginia Henderson defines health as independence, however I believe it doesn’t need to be complete independence, rather the maximum independence a person is able to achieve. The ultimate goal of a nurse should be to facilitate the patient’s health goals, while encouraging them to exceed their goals if realistic. Health is a continuum and may be constantly changing with the goal to regain and maintain health as quickly and for as long as possible. Next, there is person that is to be cared for. A person is someone who needs nursing care. A person is made up of many parts including their mind, spirituality, and their body. The nurse is responsible for caring for all of these parts as considering the whole person is essential to facilitate healing. The nurse may also need to care for the patient’s family and the community. The family being in a healthy emotional state may be what is necessary for the patient’s improvement. Caring for the community can help prevent disease and screen for diseases. Preventing and early detection allows for quicker healing
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