The Career Of Nurses In The Field Of Nursing

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The field of nursing provides one the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. Nurses interact directly with patients at times of hardship, vulnerability, and loss. The nursing profession has been around for decades. Due to the contribution from historical leaders in nursing, the nurse’s role has progressed over time. Although the roles of nurses have evolved throughout the years, one thing has remained the same: the purpose in giving the best patient care. Rewards and benefits are bound to manifest from a career of nursing as a result of pursuing the best patient care. A benefit of becoming a nurse is the ability to see tangible improvements in a patient’s health after providing compassion and selfless service. That form of gratification is undoubtedly rewarding. Another benefit of working as a nurse is being constantly challenged. As a nurse, you have the gift of learning something new every day. Another benefit is the opportunity to expand your career in a variety of specialties. Nursing is a flexible career allowing for an individual to find their own personal niche. However, nurses also stumble upon obstacles in the pursuit to provide the best possible patient care that make the profession challenging. A drawback one may face…show more content…
Once licensed, a registered nurse is presented with endless possibilities and a wide array of specialties to choose from. Whether specializing in mental health, pediatrics, or geriatrics, the possibilities are bounding. A study done in 2012 highlighted job diversity as a major benefit attracting individuals to the field of nursing (Eley et al., 2012). The variety of avenues available to embark on once licensed as a nurse serves to be highly beneficial. Nurses are able to find their niche and match their jobs to his or her personal preferences. Having various specialties to choose from increases the likelihood of job satisfaction (Eley et al.,

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