The New Federal Energy Efficiency Standards Essay example

The New Federal Energy Efficiency Standards Essay example

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In 2011 new federal energy-efficiency standards have taken effect and are eliminating the old, uneconomical incandescent light bulbs for more efficient options, such as light emitting diodes (LEDs). The primary function of LED lighting is for the conservation of energy. This is an important trend in the electrical engineering field, as the designs we build today will be constructed on obsolete technology. Electrical engineers will have to start designing new and improved lighting systems. Electrical systems that are sized based on loads calculated from yesterday’s technology will be much less efficient than those sized for the reduced loads of the LEDs. This composition will furnish information to home owners about the advantages of converting to LED lighting by contrasting the benefits of modern LEDs to the wasteful incandescent bulbs.

A short glance at the history of the light bulb:
Most people believe that Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb, but that is not accurate. The first light bulb was created in 1835 by British inventors using an arc flash, however, these bulbs had very short life spans. The other disadvantage of these new bulbs was they were too expensive to produce in mass production, plus utilized too much power to produce light. Edison would not patent his bulb until forty years later in 1879 using bamboo as a filament, giving his bulb an expected twelve hundred hour life span. Scientists from around the world spent the next thirty years struggling to construct a filament that would sustain a long life and be cost efficient. It would not be until 1910 when William Coolidge invented the tungsten filament. The tungsten filament outlasted all other types of filaments and Coolidge was able to ...

... middle of paper ... created on an outdated grid system. As you can understand by the chart below that the power plant produces 100 units of electricity from coal, but only 38 units enter the distribution cables. Another 2 units are lost from the transmission lines, leaving 36 units entering the home. At last out of the 36 units, 34 units are lost to heat. Out of the original 100 unit’s electricity created by the coal, only 2 units end up going to illuminate the light.
In closing, if your car only used 2% of its gas to power the engine and the other 98% was wasted gas, wouldn’t you trade that car in for one with better fuel efficiency?

Figure 7

Chart courteous of

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