The Disadvantages of Homeschooling vs Traditional Education

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Would you still homeschools your children after realizing the disadvantages of homeschooling? Homeschooling is an option of developing education at home rather than at schools where teachers give the lecture and take tests in order to be informed of the progress of the students. As Lisa Rivero, a professor of English literature at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, states, in her book The Homeschooling Option, homeschooling in the United States “as a modern movement began in the 1960s” (Rivero27). This is, after the concept of homeschooling spreads around the community, parents have a choice of either homeschooling or public schooling their children. However, the most common question that bothers many parents is the doubt of which one to choose. Homeschooling can cause the children to stay behind of their age group people; however, now days, many of the children care less about developing their education and concentrate more on their life and hobbies. In addition, homeschooling would waste time and money from the parents. Laura Saba, a former public school teacher who homeschooled her children, and Julie Gattis, a registered nurse and occasional lecturer who has seven years of homeschooling experience, in their book The McGraw- Hill Homeschooling Companion, declare public schools are free of charge for children and “Children can spend their day getting educated while parents are out earning a living” (1). Even though many parents prefer to homeschool their children, homeschooling would be harmful for both parents and children because children would have social and educational problems, which are the elements of “Dual-trust Education,” and parents would have the shortage of time and money.
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