Buying a Used Car

When you hear the term “used car”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Some may think of an old rusty Cadillac that belongs in a junkyard. Others may think of that nice Camaro at the used car dealership for sale. Over the years, used car sales have skyrocketed. In 2012, over 40.5 million used cars were purchased in the United States (Atiyeh, 2013). Used cars are in high demand in today’s economy because of the lower prices, slightly higher gas mileage, and that they can be more trustworthy against some of the newer models. With used car sales always climbing, how do buyers know what they are looking for in a vehicle? How do they come down to the final decision of where to purchase the vehicle? Most importantly, how can buyers make sure that they do not get scammed? This paper will take you through the process of purchasing a used vehicle, from deciding on a budget, all the way to the final purchase of your “new” car.
One of the very first things a buyer should consider when looking for a car is what kind of car he/she wants. Many different factors can affect the car buying process. For one, the buyer must consider how big of a vehicle he/she wants and safety features like airbags, seatbelts, and working brakes. Itemizing a list of accessories can also help narrow down what kind of car to buy. While some people might prefer a Sedan with a large back seat and seat warmers, others may prefer an extreme luxury car with full stereo systems and miniature televisions. Every person has different tastes in accessories; luckily, there is a vehicle that can fit almost every personality. Most new models have the latest technology installed, although some of the “newer” used cars have the option of adding in those accessories. Once the...

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