The Importance Of DIY Home Improvement

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Working, we all hated it at one point in our life. Sadly, working is part of our lives whether we want it to or not. It approximately started in the 1800s. Women were not allowed to work, so they did little work around the house when able to. Also throughout the 20th Century, Americans have said that “ the DIY home improvement movement has through the years strengthened family ties” (“Do-It-Yourself Show Traces America's History of Home Improvements”). DIY home improvement is very hard work and requires full attention, so mistakes that could be made, won’t happen because the full focus is on the project. But we have a choice, either do it ourselves or pay and get someone else to do it. This is when DIY home improvement can be essential in …show more content…

Stress will cause someone who wants to get a home improvement done, just not do it and pay someone else to get it done, even if they would have been able to do it themselves. “No matter the size, scope or budget of the project...can cause serious stress, anxiety and downright anger for the homeowner” (Reagan). Not knowing where to begin is an issue, usually for first-time DIY-ers. “a sense of stress in not knowing who to call or where to begin” (Reagan). Being blinded by how much time and money it will take for the home improvement to get done is another stressful feeling DIY-ers get. “Misunderstanding regarding how much a project will experienced pro should be able to provide a general timeline or schedule for the project” (Reagan). Another big one is not communicating, Communicating to the wife, husband, manufacture, delivery service, or professional is key when doing DIY home improvements. “Miscommunication...probably the biggest cause for stress during home improvement” (Reagan). These are all some of the biggest stressful things that can/could happen during a DIY home …show more content…

Do major research on what is being done, pricing, and the usual time frame. Planning and thoughts need to be said and told to everyone that is helping so there can be an understanding. If DIY home improvements seem like it is too much there is no shame in getting an experienced expert to do the project and just observe. There would be no harm in just observing the first time around, then the next time the house needs some fixing up you would know how to handle the project. Starting something like this takes a lot of work, not just anyone can just pick up a job and have it done in an hour. It’s a slow process and it is not for everyone. Finding out if you are capable of handling a DIY project and everything else that comes with it is what needs to be figured out first before anything. A big thing that helps families when DIY home improvements become stressful is just getting out for a while to reconnect with each other. Don’t let DIY-ing something in the home tear relationships with people you love, relationships with family are far more important than a house. If you see there is something in your home that needs fixing, don’t ignore the problem, find some who can or DIY

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