Essay on Nazi Germany: Rights and Responsibilities of a Superior Race

Essay on Nazi Germany: Rights and Responsibilities of a Superior Race

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“The deepest sense of social responsibility for the creation of better foundations for our development, coupled with brutal determination in breaking down incurable tumors.”
-Adolf Hitler

Nazi Germany: Rights and Responsibilities of a “Superior” Race

The Holocaust, carried out by the leader of the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler, from 1933-1945 in various European countries resulted in the extermination of minority groups deemed inferior by the Nazis, other groups being displaced, taken from their families, removed from their homes, and leaving to start a new life. Hitler’s actions were unknown before this time, and did not involve just the German states, but instead brought in countries from across the globe, and caused many new international ideas to be created, such as the illegality of Nazism, and the term ‘genocide.’ The Nazis believed that it was their responsibility to deal with the “Jewish Nuisance,” and severely limited the rights of oppressed groups. Hitler rose to power via the desperation of the German state, as they had recently lost a major world war, and were being blamed as the cause of the war in the first place. They constantly searched for an answer to their woes, so when a well respected and fantastic public speaker by the name of Adolf Hitler named the Jews as the problem, the public was more than happy to accept these sentiments. Adolf Hitler rose to become chancellor of the German Third Reich and the leader of the Nazi Party on January 30, 1933. He took absolute control of the government, and the Nazi party adopted the motto, “Ein volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer,” meaning “One voice, One Nation, One Ruler.” This marked the beginning of a series of widespread events costing millions of innocent peopl...

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...eople moved these groups away from their homes or simply killed large groups of them entirely. These events went on so long unnoticed that when other countries began to figure out what was going on, many countries from even other continents felt the need to get involved, and they, instead of the German people, ended up putting a stop to these events. This sealed the death of Hitler, Nazism, and Germany’s Nazi party, for the most part. While Nazism was declared an illegal practice, there is no doubt that it is still practiced in various place throughout the world today, as nobody can tell exactly what is going on everywhere at once. Other states welcomed these groups with open arms, and Germany and the states it controlled were left with severely depressed economies, populations, and a mountain of debt added to the huge lump sums already owed to foreign countries.

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