Essay On Nazi Germany A Totalitarian State

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“To what extent was Nazi Germany a Totalitarian state in the period from 1934 to 1939?”

The extent to which Nazi Germany was a totalitarian state can be classed as to a substantial amount. With Hitler as Fuhrer and his ministers in control of most aspects of German social, political, legal, economical, and cultural life during the years 1934 to 1939, they mastered complete control and dictation upon Germany. In modern history, there have been some governments, which have successfully, and others unsuccessfully carried out a totalitarian state. A totalitarian state is one in which a single ideology is existent and addresses all aspects of life and outlines means to attain the final goal, government is ran by a single mass party through which the people are mobilized to muster energy and support. In a totalitarian state, the party leadership maintains monopoly control over the governmental system, which includes the police, military,
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Elements of the Nazi Police State and the treatment of minority groups and Jews show that Nazi Germany was totalitarian to a large extent. The Gestapo, established in 1933, controlled originally by Georing and later in November 1934, was controlled under Himmler. The Gestapo’s job was to investigate and suppress all anti-state activities, and had a reputation of being very brutal and ruthless. It was not secret and was much feared. Terror atomised the nation, people thought the Gestapo was everywhere but in fact they were a very small number. The Gestapo controlled concentration camps. The Nazi government achieved there power through fear from the terror of the SS and Gestapo, and the feared Police State is a characteristic of totalitarian States. The treatment of Jews and other minority groups by the Nazi’s can be described as actions that could only be done by totalitarian
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