Oskar Schindler: Savior of 1,200 Jews During Holocaust

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Part 1
(a) Identify one of the Righteous Gentiles from the list on the Yad Vashem website and describe there background and who they saved during the holocaust

Oskar Schindler, Born in April 28, 1908, was one of the main righteous gentiles during the holocaust, this is greatly for his role in saving over 1,200 Jewish people from almost certain death of the extermination camps. With large wealth from his enamel business and deep connections will SS officials, Schindler Gained a reputation as a committed Nazi. This reputation was critical for his plan to save the Jews working at his factory. Schindler obtained a large amount of Jewish people to work at his factories from Jewish ghettos. Schindler then continued to bribe SS officials to collect even more people. Schindler looked after and harbored these people until the eventual downfall of the Nazi Party in 1945. By the end of this process Schindler had exhausted all of his millions in wealth in the form of to save over 1,200 men, women and children from almost certain death of the extermination camps.

(b) Describe the actions taken by the individual to help the holocaust victims and to look at the risks the individual undertook and the personal danger they put …show more content…

Due to huge popularity and cunning propaganda, the ruthless dictator known as Adolf Hitler was able to influence the German population to conform to his Anti-sematic ideologies. By building on an already existing stereo-type of the Jewish people, Hitler was able to give a false impression of the Jewish population, Claiming that they were the cause of all atrocity’s Personifying them as the devil and that if they did not act they would over-throw the German people. The ultimate result was the attempted extermination of the race backed by hatred of the German population that was enthralled by

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