My Writing A Clean Slate Essay

My Writing A Clean Slate Essay

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“High school english teachers are preparing you for college level writing!” Says a high school english teacher. However, they were wrong; level one of Writing Composition gripped everything I knew and hurled it into the abyss of knowledge, leaving my understanding of writing a clean slate. This time, I had to put in work just to get a B in Longoria’s class, but I respected that; high school level writing curriculum was simply regurgitated information passed on to each ascending grade, making it effortless to get a 95 or higher. Writing Composition taught me the objectives I needed to know to succeed and I became a better writer because of it. While the essays I have developed throughout Longoria’s class shows improvement of communication and personal responsibility, I can still use more enhancement of critical thinking into my essays.
In each essay, one way that I communicated my points in an effective manner was by using a plethora of transitions in the body paragraphs. For example, I explained that, “Conveniently, nuclear energy can efficiently provide power to meet demands 365 days a year with no compromises. To compare with other sources,” (Findley, “An Atomic Revolution…” 3). I thought that using an appropriate amount of transitions in each of my body paragraphs would help greatly with the overall organization of my paper. Another example of good organization was exhibited in my second essay, where I stated, “Looking back on my individual scores, I was surprised and in denial when I was recorded as below the national average. To be more specific, I disagree with the extraversion and agreeableness traits in particular. In general,” (“A Temperament Assessment…” 3). Reflecting on this quote, I think that the use of transitions...

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...mprovement on critical thinking when it comes to my audience and the context of my essay. Writing Composition has taught me that I can be an accountable student who follows clear guidelines in each assignment. In future writing classes, I hope to carry on a strong ethical consideration of using sources correctly, and a wide vocabulary to help strengthen my essays. In my career path, writing can play a big role in speaking to an audience or during an interview by finding creative ways to effectively get your points across to others so they can easily understand what it is you are telling them. Being an effective writer can help someone accomplish more tasks than previously thought, like sending a break up text, writing an email to a professor, or drafting a scholarship essay. Overall, being a good writer can make one stand out amongst the crowd in whatever they do.

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