Authentic Assessment Essay

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Preparing students to pass the annual standardized test is not enough. These students need to be ready to be productive members of the global society they live. Howard Gardner of Harvard University understands students need more than being taught how to take tests successfully. “People may be good tests takers, but once you leave the world of testing, you have to think for yourself, because the world doesn’t come organized in four choices, with the last one being none of the above.” (Edutopia, 2010a). Students need 21st Century skills taught in the classroom, to prepare them to be competent adults (Caleb, Mazanai & Collen, 2014). Authentic assessments will help this become a reality. These assessments imitate skills students will need. They learn to demonstrate learning outside of a paper test to create a project or presentation (Boss, 2011). The chance to use knowledge and not rely on memorization gives students the opportunity to delve deeper and put their knowledge to practical use. Allowing students to show that they know helps promote student learning (Edutopia, 2010b). Many schools are so concerned about making AYP they fear the time spent on these assessments will take away valuable class time. This is not true, the time and energy…show more content…
These assessments allow teachers to push a student’s abilities beyond standardized tests. They can also help teachers give feedback to students to help improve learning. Marguerite Imbarlina’s, Assistant Principal at Hampton High School in Pennsylvania, insight on the importance of comprehensive assessment reveals the positive impact on student learning potential. According to her “Kids aren’t doing research to do research, we are making sure kids are ale to apply the information across the curriculum and in different aspects of life” (Edutopia,
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