My Senior Service Learning Project Essay

My Senior Service Learning Project Essay

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For my senior service learning project, I volunteered at Helfrich Park STEM Academy and worked with several of their after school groups and attended the annual LBL trip. After completing the speech season, Land Between the Lakes, and a few extra hours earned from academic team, my partner and I had approximately 73 hours. I earned about 15 of my hours from volunteering with Helfrich’s speech team; during these hours I would work with members either on their own or in pairs. However, a majority of my hours originated from LBL as the trip began early on a Friday morning and continued on until noon of the following Sunday; overall that trip constitutes for around 54 hours. To finish my senior project, I volunteered with the academic team; however, due to the great amount of snow days, I was only able to earn 6 hours. This project began as an idea between my partner and I at the very beginning of the school year. We had tossed around ideas of what we might want to participate in once the subject of senior projects came up in English class. However, once my partner and I realized we wanted to work with Helfrich, and at the very least the speech team, we had to launch our plan into action. We began the project by promptly emailing the principal of the middle school, Mr. MacIntosh, in order to get his permission to be in the school during after school hours and to work with the students and staff. After we received confirmation from Mr. Mac and approval from our English teachers, we emailed the various coaches to check with them and then we were finally able to begin our project. Beginning late August/early September, we would go to Helfrich every Tuesday and Thursday and work with the students for around an hour until they eventually h...

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...time management so that I could allot more time to working on things for the academic teams. Also, I would work towards being more helpful to the academic team coaches by being able to teach or supply facts to the team members. I would recommend this type of project to seniors as it is a wonderful chance to not only give back to the community, but also to your middle school. This not only gives a sense of accomplishment, but a new perspective of your middle school that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Personally, I believe I did very well on this project. On a weekly basis my mentors were thanking me for helping and that they were glad that I was there. Also, considering the required amount of service hours was 25 and I received more than double that, I know that I spent as much time on this project as I possibly could. Overall, I believe I deserve an A at the very least.

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