The Importance Of The Eritrean-American Culture

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Growing up as a first generation Eritrean-American, I did not have anyone to lead the way for me. I am breaking barriers for the Eritrean community. Most Eritreans, like my parents, left their country, family, and belongings during the war to come to America as refugees. My parents had to start over and because of that, I was able to understand their struggle and sacrifices. It was hard for me to assimilate to American culture while living at home with a culture very different while I was young. As the years went by, I learned balance and found a culture of my own between the two cultures. I was disparate from many of the children at school because my parents were not born here. People assumed I was an immigrant and did not speak English because…show more content…
While taking data, I have worked with this child to increase behaviors with reinforcement, teach new skills, and to reduce interfering behaviors, which can include self-injury. During the past year, I completed an online suicide talk session, which explores suicide prevention as well as becoming a Certified Mental Health First Aider. I also became a suicide and crisis line volunteer, giving emotional support for individuals experiencing emotional or situational distress, various forms of mental illness and in need of general information or referrals. The callers varied from transgender individuals to youth to other ethnic minority groups. I learned to not minimize grief or experiences because everyone is entitled to their feelings and every individual grieves and experiences trauma in various…show more content…
I knew I loved to help others but it was not until I was an emerging adult that I knew what my calling was. My devotion to improve the quality of life for those who are disadvantaged is one of the reasons I have chosen to pursue a Master’s in Social Work. After obtaining my masters, I plan on diversifying my masters by getting licensed and becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I would like to study social work because I feel it will lead me directly to one of the most emotionally fulfilling careers available, as well as giving me the chance to combine helping people 's mental well being with their physical

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