Service Learning Experience Reflection Paper

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A service learning experience is designed to enhance a student 's growth in personal and social development and to obtain an understanding of community involvement. For my service learning experience, I volunteered at Change Point Center. In this reflection paper, I will discuss in depth information about the services that Change Point provides, my goals while I was there,and what I ultimately learned from this experience.

Information about this experience
Change Point center is located in Hot Springs, Arkansas and is a non-profit organization. The role of the agency is to help women in crisis pregnancies as well as families that face crisis situations. Change Point offers many services that include, free pregnancy
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When I was teaching parenting classes, many of them opened up and told me their stories of why they were there. Most of the clients that received parenting classes are there because they are court ordered to do so. I believe that my personal qualities helped me when hearing their stories to see them as a person, and not judge them for why they were there. I know that with these qualities I was also able fully to engage and help the clients gain the skills for becoming the best parent they can be. I noticed that each client was comfortable to open up to me and fully embrace their session. I do not like to sound cliche, but I do not think that any of my qualities were not used during this learning experience. The staff at the agency really allowed me to use all of my qualities to my best ability in the tasks they had me…show more content…
I enjoyed this experience so much, that I decided to go back to volunteer for Change Point, and will be going there once a week. This experience had the impact it did because I got to connect with the community in which change Point serves and help assist others. By doing this, I gained hands-on experience in which will help me in my future career. I also was able to enhance my skills in being a leader and in communication. The parenting classes that I taught to others not only helped them but also helped me. Each day I was there, I took valuable tools home for myself to be the best mother for my
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