My Position As Area Commander For The Federal Protective Service Essay

My Position As Area Commander For The Federal Protective Service Essay

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My current position as Area Commander for the Federal Protective Service (FPS) is not without its challenges. I am responsible for the supervision of eleven federal law enforcement officers to include two K9 units and approximately forty-five contracted protective security officers. As a team, we address security related issues on a daily basis. Our position description encompasses two major disciplines, federal law enforcement and physical security. Both occupations can be viewed as one, yet separate in their ever-changing complexity of development. The greatest challenges we face as an agency, is staying current with the constant progression in technical advancements pertaining to the way each vital role is supported. Combining two occupations into one position description can be overwhelming.
Physical security can be very complex, as the evolution of technology changes on a daily basis, so does the requirements to remain proficient. The dual role concept is a dilemma that poses a constant struggle within the agency. The ability to maintain consistency with technological advancements, while utilizing security practices of the past is a significant challenge. Another area of concern is the complexity of security and the deficiency of training. Advancements in technology necessitate the need for ongoing training requirements. In order for training to be effective, it should focus on the fundamentals of alarm theory covering simplistic concepts and designs. Through a progression in skill and knowledge, the training evolution should advance to a system that is virtually state of the art in capability and technical application. Proficiency in training is essential to overcoming these barriers, especially in the field of...

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...grading employee positions can lead to a dysfunctional nonproductive working environment. A positive environment is essential to organizational success. Establishing sound management practices is key to framing the situation in the right perspective. The organization should focus on methods of improvement and refine areas requiring attention. In order to minimize loss and improve upon financial gains, organizations need to establish ways of improving performance without imposing harsh restrictions on their workforce. By successfully implementing performance measurements that are projected in the right context could significantly reduce the need for downsizing and integrating positions. The identification of these issues and my ability to offer practical solutions demonstrates my skill in determining appropriate methods of resolving issues with viable solutions.

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