Child Abuse and Neglect

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When a child is born people normally think of that as a positive and wonderful thing happening in a person’s life. It should be a paternal instinct to love and cherish, and protect this little person’s life. Unfortunately sometimes this is not always the case, and those parents mistreat or allow someone else to mistreat their children. There also those parents that it happens to their child that gets neglected or abused without their knowledge. The issue of child abuse and neglect is something that happens every day to children and ruins their childhood and makes a big impact on them for rest of their life.
Having children requires a lot of attention, time, love, and money among other things to raise them properly. There are some parents who are not willing to put forth this much effort in raising a child. That is sometimes where neglect and abuse start, the parent or parents decides that they really don’t want the child after all. They end up not having enough money like they once had, and the love and affection for their child is lost.
The child of neglect or abuse in their own home from a parent is a child’s worst nightmare. Their parent is the person they are supposed to go for love, protection, and support against the world. To have a parent beat them, or not feed them or to have their parent mentally degrade them is something that happens. Unfortunately, sometimes this is a result of the parent having a drug problem, or they were abused themselves, or they are depressed (Healy, 2013). These parental adults don’t know how to take care of child because they are not mentally capable themselves.
Children of neglect or abuse is on the rise, according to NCANDS, about nine of out every thousand child...

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... it in life, and they will probably appreciate more when they are older.
Being a parent is one of the hardest and scariest things in the world. It’s hard to ever think about a parent actually hurting their own flesh and blood. It’s easy to accidentally say something to child that might hurt their feelings. It’s easy to let tempers fly when times are hard, and kids are asking for things that cannot be gotten. That is when things can get out of hand.
The child abuse and neglect is way out of hand. It usually starts with the parents. The parents are to be the adult and take care of their children in the right way. They were blessed from God they day they have their child. People don’t realize that abuse and neglect of those children, isn’t fair. Every child deserves a fair chance at a good life without having to go through any neglect of abuse.

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