Child Welfare Case Study

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For the purpose of this paper the social worker interviewed is Ronnita Waters, MSW, RCSWi; she is currently an operations manager at the Center for Family and Child Enrichment (CFCE). The issue or area where her advocacy skills are practiced is within child welfare. Mrs. Waters mentions to the interviewee “I always wanted to work with children, then eventually for children.” when asked what developed her interest in this area of social work. Furthermore, before she became an operations manager, the social worker was an adoptions supervisor, overseeing adoption case managers and ensuring the proper implementation of policies such as the sibling placement policy and adoption policy. In addition, before achieving the role of supervisor, she was…show more content…
Waters explain what she does on a micro level it fits the description of what a unified model of advocacy entails. From when a child is removed from their homes and placed into the care of the state, specific tasks have been allocated to her and her unit. As the social worker or case worker read the reports provided an understanding is developed. And if an understanding isn’t developed through reports, the next step of visiting the child, requesting documents from psychiatrist, medical doctors and/or psychologist allows one to gain further insight. A case plan is then created, which states what services the parents and the children must complete and is presented in court to a judge. The advocating, evaluating and ongoing monitoring as mentioned in hoefer in table 1.1 under advocacy practice (,p. 5) is continuous until the child is either returned home or giving a goal of…show more content…
She states this policy affects the services provided to current and future clients positively and will hopefully impact the system as whole in a positive way. When responded to which policy affects the services she provides negatively, she went on to say one day she hopes to be in a position that is non-conflicting where she can advise clients of different policies that can and con not help them. Taking into consideration her current employer are the ones who enact such
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