My Opinion, Living By The Golden Rule Essay

My Opinion, Living By The Golden Rule Essay

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There are many words that could be used to describe Michelle Gonsalves-Barreiro. However, you may just find yourself adding words to that list every day. Not only do I value fairness, but I also enjoy acting upon my word. Each day I try to apply the Golden Rule of life, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In my opinion, living by the Golden Rule serves as an advantage most of the time.
The past year of returning to school at 22 years old has been a life changing experience and has taught me a great deal about. I 've recognized characteristics and morals displayed when situations arise, that I never thought I would care to show. I 've learned to be considerate of other people’s feelings, and have found alternative ways to deal with group conflicts and negative criticisms.
The leadership self-assessment surveys have shed new light on my perspective of not only me, but through school, work and personal life. The surveys completed for this profile are Big 5 Traits, Manifest Needs, Locus of Control, Theory X and Y and Emotional Intelligence. The results from these surveys will guide most of the explanations regarding my unique leadership traits.
The Big 5 Traits survey concluded that my most dominant trait was conscientiousness, and my secondary trait was surgency. After getting the results of the survey, I was able to reflect on occasions that made these results seem more accurate. There have been situations where I preferred to put in the extra time and effort to complete assignments, conform to rules and pay attention to little details instead of competing to lead or dominate. Although surgency has been recorded as my second trait, I am an introvert. I am not usually a sociable person and my first instinct is not ...

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...ferent training sessions so that I can become more comfortable at public speaking and be less of a background person for projects and group work. I also would like to build my networking circle in and around the Wichita Falls community. I do believe that being the 2nd Vice-President of this prestigious organization, will allow me to get familiar with some of the more influential residents in Wichita Falls. Lastly, I feel the need to drastically improve my self-management skills. Although, I am not entirely sure on how I could accomplish this, I hope that at the end of this course I can decipher this. I do know that I will grow from this experience and will work to maintain my present strengths but will ensure that my weaknesses become strengths as well. Nevertheless, I will remain true to myself, along with being respectful and considerate of other people’s opinions.

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