Importance Of My Freshman Year Of College

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Starting college was not what I expected it to be. I have always been excited to go to college since I was little because I’ve always wanted to get a degree that could help people, animals, and the environment. I did not expect my Freshman year of college to turn out the way it did. I knew there would be challenges, but I did not expect that there would be so many large emotional valleys for me to overcome. I hoped the greatest challenges I would face were midterms and finals. I did not expect the great amount of loss I would experience which began the summer before my Freshman year. I had a bright start, I was looking forward to being a cheerleader at UMHB. I made lots of friends and I was able to go see my boyfriend whenever I wanted - what could go wrong?
Sadly, a lot happened almost immediately after my high school graduation my Great Uncle Bubba- who was my great grandfather by proxy- passed away. He was a rancher and the patriarch of a family of Aggies who are centered around faith and family. He inspired a rich faith in God
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My grandmother gave me a car for graduation, it was a beautiful Mustang. At my high school we had to do a capstone project which required 10,000 words and two year s of research- mine was about Mustangs.. I dreamt about that car since I was a little girl and I received the car a week before college started, my grandfather died a few days later; I named the car Roy after him. I suppose it sounds silly to love a car, but all of my dealings with death were so unhappy, the car was a welcome reprieve. It was the happiest day of my life, the car felt like an escape from sadness and freedom to begin my new life as a college student. I struggled with the loss of my grandfather, but being at college and having my car to remember him by helped me distract myself, when I was sad "we" (my car and I) would take a drive
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