My Opinion About English And English Essay

My Opinion About English And English Essay

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During the semester, I have gained so much knowledge about the course, English 1301, which I did not know. Writing and Reading have so much elements into their process. My opinion about English has changed dramatically due to this course.
At the beginning, I was learning about what was good writing and what it meant. In my opinion, good writing meant that the paper was perfect which meant that it had very detailed evidence. As well as, being organized and associated with perfect grammar with a powerful thesis statement. At last but not least a beautiful conclusion to end the essay. The score for this was always a 100 or a 4 which meant the same grade. Then my opinion changed when the instructor shared some of their knowledge about what good writing really was. The instructor thought that good writing didn’t mean that the entire thing was perfect, the definition for good writing was that the essay had very good elements applied in it but not perfect. The instructor said that no one is perfect in writing essay, they just have more practice than others. When discussion about that ended, I was learning about rough drafts and what they are meant for. Rough drafts are considered to be really bad first drafts that students tend to not put all their ideas into the draft because they are worried about the grade they will receive. The class started discussing about this topic and the instructor told the class the purpose of the rough drafts. That these first drafts should be really bad in order for the students to know what to fix. The instructor told the class that they shouldn’t worry about the grade for the drafts, that the students should just put all of their ideas and effort in it so that they know their errors. The way to advance i...

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...e way I word them. Another thing I see myself having trouble is not being able to say what I am thinking and I want to fix that. The way to accomplish this is by keep writing and learn from your mistakes. I would have to use rhetoric to have a better method of writing. Rhetoric was another thing that I lacked in my first essay. In order to prevent that I had to get a better understanding of it so the instructor gave an assignment that was based on it.
At the end of the semester, my understanding of English has evolved due to assisting and teaching skills of the instructor. I understand that writing is not a skill someone masters but someone who gets feedback from others and learns from their mistakes and corrects them. As well as how to clarify what I want to say and how to say it. I still have a long way to go to fully understand every single thing about writing.

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