Essay on My Only Perceptions Of Teaching Came From My Experience As A Student

Essay on My Only Perceptions Of Teaching Came From My Experience As A Student

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Prior to this class, my only perceptions of teaching came from my experience as a student, and I honestly thought I had a real sense of what teaching would be like. After reading the text, completing discussion posts, and my field experience I have come to realize I was quite ignorant. I had the opportunity to observe teachers from an entirely different perspective, and I was often surprised by my findings. These teachers dealt with numerous issues including the pressures of standardized testing, children struggling with gender identity, and children working to learn the language while being thrust into classrooms where only English is spoken. I saw teachers that had risen to the occasion, and I saw some that were not doing everything I felt was in their power to provide their students with opportunities for success. Through my observations and interviews, I learned that teachers face difficult decisions every day regarding how to help their students achieve, despite the obstacles they face.
Before each observation, I spoke with the teacher or person in charge, and almost without fail standardized testing came up every time. The teachers were deeply concerned about these tests, not only for the adverse effects they could have on their careers but also for their students. I did not speak to a single teacher who saw standardized testing as a fair and accurate assessment of their students’ abilities. As we learned earlier in the semester these tests are created by people far removed from the actual students and often serve political motives, rather than students themselves. One teacher, I spoke with, who taught in a low-income school, stressed the fact that these tests often stop a child from advancing, thus closing off their chance...

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...ously considered.
Before beginning my field experience I had dreamed of what being a teacher would consist of. I thought about the ways I could help a struggling student, and the sense of pride I would feel when they accomplished a difficult task. I thought about the way my classroom would look, and the fun activities I would incorporate. What I had not thought about were the multitude of challenges I would face in dealing with diverse students. However, having the opportunity to experience some of the challenges teachers face has not deterred me from pursuing a teaching career. As a result of my field experience, I have a far greater passion for teaching and a profound respect for the amazing teachers I have known in my life. I will work tirelessly to ensure that all of my students are inspired as well provided the tools and opportunities they require to succeed.

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