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Responsibility: 9/10 My attendance in high school was not as high as my teachers may have wanted it to be. I found myself yearning for more and finishing my work too quickly. When I went I tried to soak up as much as I could but it wasn’t really until my college courses that I found that knowledge I wanted and regained a strong desire to attend class. While I have never missed classes unless terribly sick, I have been tardy a handful of times. Since honestly is the best policy I cannot fail to ignore that. Sometimes I was not on time due to work other times I simply left the house later than I expected to. It was not enough times to cause a problem, but it definitely has made me more aware of my punctuality. As for work ethic I would rate myself exceptionally high. I put in 120% to everything I do and always turn assignments in on time if not early. I am very independent and self motivated. My work ethic and my organization go hand in hand. If I do not keep everything in order I’ll miss due dates and not manage my time well, but I’d say for managing 17+ credits a term, 30 or more hours of work, practicum, and homework I do a pretty great job.…show more content…
Teaching for all types of various students with different multiple intelligences doesn’t scare me. I know it will be hard and a lot of work, but I want it. I am so passionate about becoming a teacher because I want to help students find that spark of learning where they can’t stop and want to continuously discover. The hard times that I had as a student have ready made me want to create enthusiastic confident learners because I believe if students do not have those qualities they will be simply taught rather than be active learners. Ralph Waldo Emerson said one of my favorite quotes. He stated, “nothing great was ever achieved without

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