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It was a freezing Friday afternoon. It was superbly cold outside, that’s why Aria, Blair, and I snuck into Mrs. Clark’s class for recess instead of going out. We walked into the warm cream colored classroom, it was simple yet comforting. In the back was an oak wood shelf on top of it was a cage holding Mrs. Clark’s pet snake, Regis. Next to Regis’ cage was something standing tall in the back of the classroom. The odd object was covered in a shimmering gold cloth.

At that time, we were still standing in the doorway as Aria said,” I forgot my cupcake in my locker, I’ll be right back.” Blair and I slowly walked to the mysterious cloth, wondering what we would find. I was creeped out so I watched the object like a hawk. Now we were next to it, then I blurted out “I dare you!”
“You dare me to what?” Blair asked nervously.
I sighed,” Don’t act dumb, you know what I mean pull off the cloth!” A few seconds later, she did, what we found was old metal machine. As we examined the odd machine carefully a laser began beaming and zapped us. We were now very close to the ground,” oh man we sh...

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