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    Comparative Politics Gerard Chretien RUSSIA: POLITICAL STRUCTURE: Summary: Why the democratic structure in Russia is proving to be unsuccessful. INTRODUCTION: The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, disintegrating into thirteen different states. Ever since the political structure of Russia has been viable and lacks stability. Many reasons can be cited for this instability out of which the bearish economy and a shaky democratic system are the main causes. ANALYSIS: The reforms taken after Russia’s

  • The Origins of Russia

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    The Origins of Russia The country of Russia: enormous, expansive, wide-open. The words that describe this Euro-Asian country can be attributed to its origins from its Slavic inhabitants and the takeover by the Varangians. Kievan Russia, as it was called, started its own civilization in the year 862. The problem with the origin of the Russian State is that it is exceedingly complex and many theories are based on circumstantial evidence. A good example of this is the early history of the

  • The Nation of Russia

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    Russia’s social society as a whole is very different from that of other countries that surround it. Russia is physically the largest country in the world, and because the people are so widespread the social norms vary from place to place. Also, there are social characteristics that are evident in the cities that are drastically different than those seen in the small villages scattered throughout much of Russia’s rural countryside. The family structure and women’s roles are different in the urban

  • Tour of russia

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    Taking a Tour of Russia The Russian Federation, known as Russia has a long and very interesting history. It was turned into a Communist country in 1917, and the Soviet Union was formed in 1922. In 1991 the Soviet Union was dissolved. Russia has been filled with war, controversy, and Communism, but under all of the bad things, there is a beautiful country underneath. Russia is filled with many geological beauties, along with man-made structures. Although not one of the most popular countries for tourism

  • Geography Of Russia

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    Russia is a huge landmass and covers a vast amount of the earth’s surface area. Being so large, Russia contains a huge variety of different geographical features. There are several mountains, rivers, bodies of water, climate zones, and population centers in Russia. Most of the development in Russia is located in its core area, east of the Ural Mountains. There are several countries around Russia that used to be parts of a larger union called The Union of Soviet Socialists Republics, however, in 1991

  • Mbo In Russia

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    side the means by which they had to reach the organizational goals were predetermined by the central planning department. So, we can see that the word «central», which «disables» MBO, was quite common and used heavily thrughout the whole history of Russia. Nevertheless, I would say, there were some elements of MBO such as rewarding the employees when they exceeded the quotes set by the central department. Reward was very seldom material. Usually, you would have received a red flag for an excellent


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    Russian Culture Russia culture is very different from any other culture that I have ever read about. This is a country that is dominated by males. Males actually run the county of Russia. The men are so dominated that every Russian women dream is to be married and have a family with these men. Russia is known for its poor society. In the book Sakharov he mentions how he moved from one place to another. He first was in Moscow’s larger apartments with his family. In this apartment there were six families

  • The Internet in Russia

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    The Internet in Russia Russia has always been a country full of contradictions, as it was said once in a movie: “They weep when getting married, and sing going off to war.” Large cities, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, are showing off the latest models of executive cars (always full option) and open up new boutiques of top couturiers almost daily. Nevertheless as soon as one gets outside the urban area, running water is considered a luxury. Technology as a whole was never Russia’s strongest

  • DMCA and Russia

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    DMCA and Russia Background Information Traditionally, book authors have had the Copyright Law to protect their creations. That changed, however, since their books have become available in electronic format. In short, the creations had been turned into information – one that can effortlessly be copied and distributed thanks to invent of computers, Internet, and (lately), cheap data storage devices. Adobe Corporation’s eBook was meant to fix that problem for the copyright owners, while letting

  • Censorship In Russia

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    out of Russia, particularly post-1900 Russia, was dystopia. In the early 20th century, censorship of such writing was extremely strict. The government censored any works, or for that matter any people, that questioned or criticized the authority of the government. Despite this and the exile they might face, writers like Yevgeny Zamyatin produced works such as We that criticized the nature of a totalitarian government that oppressed its people, much like that which existed in Soviet Russia at the

  • Nihilism In Russia

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    Nihilism is more than repudiating, believing in nothing, and lack of morals and principles in Russia. It does include these characteristics, however there is more to it then what is on the surface. Before we can discuss what nihilism is for the Russian, we have to examine what chained of events occurred that ultimately created this subculture. During Alexander II’s civic reforms, various oppositional movements emerged challenging the empire. Alexander II restored to some extent polish autonomy, expanded

  • Globalization In Russia Essay

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    How has globalisation has affected Russia in the last 10 years? Globalisation is a integration into different cultures by importing different tools, like food, machinery, world views. Russia has changed significantly in the last years, when the regime has been changed, it is a turning point in some way for the country. When in 1991 Soviet Union has collapsed that has changed the Russian way of living forever. In Soviet Union main rule was to “get everything by yourself”, government wanted people

  • Russia and its Lack of a Government

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    Russia and its Lack of a Government The main problem in Russia is lack of a non-corrupt government. It is impossible to run any country, poor or rich, crime or no crime, healthcare or no healthcare, economy or no economy, without some sort of government. Russia needs assistance in the form of socialist diplomatic support, advice, and very carefully monitored loans. There is no question of producing a Marshall Plan for Russia of the sort that the United States pioneered after World War II

  • U.S. Russia Relations

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    Russia, a vast country with a wealth of natural resources, a well, educated population, and diverse industrial base, continues to experience, formidable difficulties in moving from its old centrally planned economy to a modern market economy. President Yeltsin's government has made substantial strides in converting to a market economy since launching its economic reform program in January 1992 by freeing nearly all prices, slashing defense spending, eliminating the old centralized distribution system

  • Bureaucracy In Imperial Russia

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    public servant plied for representation (Alekinskii, 178). By 1897, the bureaucracy in Russia was no older than sixty years. Prior to the 1830s state bureaucrats did not truly exist; shortly thereafter, seniority dictated which workers would progress upwards in the public institutions in which he or she worked (John Le Dunne). This could be interpreted as the first sign of the development of bureaucracy in Imperial Russia. Russian bureaucracy, at least in the Soviet and Imperial sense, does not

  • Vodka Essay In Russia

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    revenue. The Russian government has tired to enforce multiple different ways of curbing the vodka consumption from the citizens, but they do not last. Russia has a large distribution of vodka around the world and the income keeps many Russians employed. For Russia, vodka is an occupation, pleasure and a devil, and a way of life. Vodka was introduced to Russia in the late 14th century and was known as the water of life. In 1386, an ambassador introduced the first vodka to the Grand Duke Dmitri Donskoy.

  • Imperial Chancellery In Russia

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    As Russia gradually modernized between 1801 and 1939, it continued to rule over the people by intimidation with the incorporation of the secret police force. The secret police force would continue to play a large part of Russia’s attempts in controlling its people while the different forms of governments constantly changed due to the people’s discontentment. At the same time, Russia changed itself from an agrarian based economy to an industrialized nation through a slow, gradual approach of accepting

  • Current Events: Russia

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    Russia is located in Northern Eurasia. Russia is the largest country in the world with 6.6 million square miles.It shares borders with China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, North Korea, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, and Finland. It has nine different time zones. It is very large, but the east is not inhabited by many people. It is mainly inhabited by animals because of the weather. Russia was joined with fifteen other countries as one state, they were

  • Carrefour: Abandoning Russia

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    Only few months after opening its first stores in Russia in June 2009, Carrefour announced that it would be leaving the country. This withdrawal was a shocker and is a setback for international retail development in Russia. Carrefour’s group sales resulted in a 2.9% drop for the 3rd quarter of 2009. The strongest sales decline comes from the companies operations in Europe. The only regions that resulted in positive growth were Asia, with sales growth by 5.1% and Latin America with a 5.3% growth.

  • Causes of Dictatorship in Russia

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    Causes of Dictatorship in Russia Around the 20th century, the end of the First World War cleared the way for the formation of democratic regimes. Why they had not been successful, why the people didn't use the opportunity to establish a democratic political system and why did the dictatorships appear, is still unclear, but it is a very discussible subject. The decisive role in these processes was the human being. It was the object of the cause, but on the other hand he was also the subject -