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    After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the cooperation of several post-Soviet states with Western organizations (WTO, NATO, EU), Russia saw these actions as a threat to its geopolitical power in the region (Roslycky, 2011, 299). Putin has worked since being elected President to restore Russia’s political, economic, and geostrategic assets that were lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union. One of the pillars of his strategy is regional control over the external policy of the neighboring countries

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    Europe that events such as the French revolution brought about massive changes in society, completely altering the lifestyles of its citizens. However, the change did not end in Western Europe, but spread to other countries of the Eastern bloc, such as Russia. This was mostly through the influence brought about by bilateral relations. The changes thus brought forth cut across all spheres of peoples lifestyles including legal rights, access to education and positions of power, family size, fashion and ways

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    RUSSIA(RUH-shuh) Russia’s official name is Russian Federation and it’s capital is Moscow with a population of 8.3 million. It was declared an independent country in August 24 of the year 1991. Russia’s population is 143,782, 338 (July 2004 est.) It’s size is 6.5 million sq. mi. or 17 million sq. Km. Russians practice th following religions: Russian Orthodox, Islamic, Jewish, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist and other. Their mane language is Russian. LOCATION Russia is in Eurasia and it is

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    Policy will be overviewed and the results will try to be inferred. The analysis of Russian Foreign Policy will be discussed in four different sections: ( a) 1801- 1855 b) 1855 – 1917 c) 1917 - 1945 d) 1945 – 2000 ). 1-) Russia’s Topography If Russia and Russian People are the topics to be discussed, it is a must to take geopolitical, political and identity structure into consideration firstly. Accepted as Russia’s core and center, East Europe has three main features: infertile soils, the lack

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    Russia As a country, Russia has been through many different government systems. In the very beginning, Russia was ruled by the autocratic Tsars. As the country went through revolutions and wars, the ideologies of the people and the governments began to change. Even though outwardly it may seem that Russia has progressed from the autocratic form to a rather democratic form, many people do not agree. In order to analyze this transition in more detail, history of the country should be discussed briefly

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    they did not realize the consequence of the fire they were going to set across Europe. Germany wanted to wipe Serbia off the map; with Austria Hungry they declared war on Serbia in which the reaction to this Russia mobilized its army. This event was going to lead Germany to declare war on Russia for defending Serbia, which leads to the start of World War 1. Russia’s Tsar Nicolas II was a younger unprepared ruler to go up against the might of Germany. He had the military number to match the Germany

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    Comparative Politics Gerard Chretien RUSSIA: POLITICAL STRUCTURE: Summary: Why the democratic structure in Russia is proving to be unsuccessful. INTRODUCTION: The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, disintegrating into thirteen different states. Ever since the political structure of Russia has been viable and lacks stability. Many reasons can be cited for this instability out of which the bearish economy and a shaky democratic system are the main causes. ANALYSIS: The reforms taken after Russia’s

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    act of oppression for the tsar but also as the event which sparked the regime change in Russia. Although many historians debate whether the First World War was the cause of the fall or simply a catalyst, it is understood that it played a large role in shaping the future of Russia’s governance. The First World War served as a turning point not only for Russia, but for monarchical rule in general. However, in Russia, it was not simply the war which brought about change to the country. Rather the war finally

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    interesting. Jennifer Gould, a journalist, decided to go to Russia. She was there to research Russia and its culture. I would have never believed some of the situations and conversations she had with so many people. The topics that made me change my mind about Russia in general were the Internat, the cars and drivers, the homeless, and sexpionage. While reading about the Internat, I started to get disgusted. One of the reasons for this is that Russia sent healthy children to orphanages with ill kids. They

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    History The earliest of settlements in Russia date all the way back to 500 A.D. While many Scandinavians, nomads and slaves from western nations moved down south to areas around the upper Volga River, a lot of the slaves that moved from the western side help build a large and vastly populated fortress; that would eventually be called, Ukraine, the city of Kiev. Kiev had rapidly evolved into a huge empire that then ruled most of European Russia for over 200 years. Eventually, this hugely wide spread