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  • The cake

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    all because if Camz. My mind starts to wonder as I walk down the hall to the kitchen, our two year anniversary isn't for another couple weeks wonder what she has waiting for me in the kitchen. As I enter the kitchen I notice on the table a chocolate cake, I walk closer and ...

  • Cake

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    daughter Camila came in looking for her. She was getting married and wanted this beautiful cake for her wedding party. Camila showed my grandmother a picture of it. Actually, it was a page torn off from a European magazine. One could barely tell it was a cake; every inch of it was covered with big, white, beautiful flowers that even covered the plate holding it. It looked more like a centerpiece than a cake. The flowers were edible and handmade, of course. No baker had an idea of how to make the flowers

  • Analysis Of Divine Cakes And Cakes

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    (A) DIVINE CAKES & DESSERT  Current operations: Divine cakes & Dessert is proudly Canterbury owned and operated. They making cakes & desserts for special occasions. They use the finest of ingredients to make a range of ready to go cakes, mousse cakes, cheesecakes, tarts and gateaux for their customers. Divine Cakes & Desserts bakes and creates its cakes and desserts with real ingredients. Their banana cake has real bananas, carrot cake has real carrot and decorations are made by hand

  • Cake Decorating: What Is A Cake Decorant?

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    is put into making and decorating a cake?” An average person spends eight hours into making and decorating a cake (“Veena Azmanov”). “By definition, a cake decorator is a culinary professional who is trained to create designs on pastries, cakes, and other baked goods.” Cake decorators work with sugar arts that are put on the desserts as well the fillings that go in or on top of the cake with baking the cake themselves (“The Reluctant Gourmet”). The origin of cake decorating started in the 17th century

  • Cake Vs Ideal Cake

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    baking a cake is as easy as buying a box of mix and then adding water and a couple of eggs. True, this will produce a cake — if you can call a crumbly, messy disaster a real cake. But this is a far cry from the truly perfect layer cake. From scratch is the way to go. Ingredients make a huge difference. Technique is an incredibly important factor, too. Perfection is possible. Once you make sure all the ingredients are fresh, you are well on your way to heavenly deliciousness! Choose cake flour to

  • The History of Cake

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    The cake we know today is not the same as it was in the 17th Century. As the year’s progressed bakers and chefs alike began changing the way a cake was made. The recipe of a simple vanilla cake became in essence the building block for the other types of cakes. The basic cake recipe is like the trunk and roots of a tree while the other flavors and types of cake are the branches and the leaves. Changes have not only been made to the recipe of a cake but we have changed the use of it. Nowadays cakes

  • It's the Cake

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    It's the Cake The title above comes from a comment made by author Jerry Hirschberg. "Creative activity [isn't] the icing on the cake. Human creativity is the cake." Getting a bite of this cake is what proves to be frustrating for some people. Simply put, there isn't one sure-fire method to achieve creative success. However, there are certainly underlying attitudes and patterns that one can perceive in creative people, (and in this most humble of papers), I will attempt to show to you through

  • Cake Essay

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    Cake symbolizes joy, love, appreciation, and even accomplishments. It is served during weddings, birthdays, and many different party settings. The cakes are almost always made to honor or mean something to the recipient. They are edible art, to be viewed and consumed with love and happiness on the most joyous occasions. Most cakes for these types of special occasions are ordered in a cake bakery. This process can seem daunting to someone that is looking for the prefect cake. Whether it is a simple

  • Chocolate Cake

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    making a delicious dessert, “my favorite cake.” Chocolate cake goes back to 1764 when James Baker discovered how to make chocolate. Carmel is made by melting a variety of sugars together. This cake can be made so special occasions or just for a regular dinner. “My favorite cake is a chocolate cake mix, water, oil, and eggs with holes filled with caramel inside it. Cool whip on the top with toffee bits on top of the cool whip. My family has always left the cake in the refrigerator over night but you

  • Cake Decorating Essay

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    Best cake decorating ideas A cake is an indispensible part for many important occasions and festivals like Christmas, Easter, birthdays and weddings. Everybody loves to make a special cake and come up with different ideas for cake decorating. In fact, the main purpose of decorating a cake is to make it something unique and special, which makes the day very special. You can make an ordinary and simple cake into an eye-catching piece by decorating it. You may find the baking process easy but decorating