I Have A Bad Dream

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We all have day dream Sometimes are good and bad. Bad ones sometimes we sweat, pee and kick. You know when a child has a nightmare, they come to you-you give comfort and hold them they sleep with you. With Indian, they send their child back to bed to teach them to keep dream same one over and over so they grow up to be strong. Reason to talking about this because I have a bad dream about Deaf institute How to solve it, thought to bring you into my dream. Many of hearing don 't know what deaf institute. Some hearing thinks send a child away from parent feeling like a creep or hard to do because how they learn and cope. Some hearing think child are monster,
This big building has this lot of windows. We go in there is a long hall with shine floor wood floor with a brown and yellow spot, a lot of door on both sides. We meet one teacher show us the room with all children living. She turns on the light in the room there were rows of bed. Few kids still in their bed. She had to go wake one cute kid who still sleeping, She went tap him on the shoulder, the boy refuse to wake up. She walks to the bathroom get a cup of water to throw on the boy to wake him up. He finally woke up, but there is one little on at the end of row bed. You know old fashion bed had rails. She got a stick and hit on the bed to wake up other kids finally woke up. All the boys got up and wash their faces and etc. teacher comb their hair. Then time for breakfast. He explains they have the routine. He explains what each teacher did for each class like English , math, and reading. They tell stories about how one time in the lunch room how the separate boy and girls and adult. If they want to tell their girlfriend something they were able to do wi...

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...nd asks them to remember this teacher and so forth. No one left the room. He had full control of the audience. I felt I was with him when he tells the story. I don 't get heard about deaf institute often because where I am from we don 't see many of them. It sad because some are shy or scared or harder to find those today.
As I watch this video and the past ones, I felt he had skills and heart to able to share his stories very well. He never made up false or anything. He shares from his heart With this video I notice this was from his heart. IT was success video because he shares personal experience from his childhood. From what I have seen in class, this is a little bit different because longer and show more of what personal. The shorter video is more funny stories or from books, but this one is longer and you have to be more careful what you have learned.
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