My Job A Cosmopolitan Canopy Essay

My Job A Cosmopolitan Canopy Essay

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I can consider the breakroom at my job a cosmopolitan canopy. I currently work at the U.S. State Department. A cosmopolitan canopy is an urban island of civility that exists amidst the ghettos, suburbs, and ethnic enclaves where segregation is the norm (Anderson, 2004).The cosmopolitan canopy exists because the people I work with; there is a variety of cultures, ethnic groups/backgrounds, educational backgrounds, age groups, as well as different political views. Working amongst diverse groups of people makes the breakroom a cosmopolitan canopy. The simple act of helping one another with advice on life, finances, and general knowledge, proves that negative ideals, stereotypes, and opinions does not exists within the canopy. The breakroom is where everyone is equal and no one is a stranger.
I believe cultural differences is main the reason for the success of a cosmopolitan canopy. The word culture has a variety of meanings, culture describes the way someone was raised as a child, and culture is the way someone talks, eats, lives, and views other ethnic groups. Culture also defines the many different religions that people follow. In order for the world to understand, the many different cultures people must venture out, start meeting, and interact with several different cultures of people. If people do not interact, they may develop a dislike or even a hate for a culture that they do not understand. Many past events have shaped the society’s view of different cultures.
I think being around other cultures in a relaxing atmosphere can ease the tension between cultures. Cultural fluency is having familiarity with cultures: their natures, how they work, and ways they intertwine with our relationships in times of conflict and harmony (...

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...ave attended many parties at my job were co-workers would bring in dishes from their countries, the atmosphere is warm and inviting, even though some dishes may have looked “crazy” to me, but that only because I was not aware of the different styles of food that the world has to offer.
In conclusion, I believe that working and interacting with my co-workers and other ethnic groups has made me a better person. Learning and observing how some people are less likely to interact with cultures makes me wonder what has happened in that a person’s life that would make them automatically dislike a culture. Additionally, these experiences will makes me share the knowledge with anyone that is willing listen, realizing that the cultural differences are what make people unique. Interacting with different cultures will bring a better understanding of life, and how people live.

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