Diversity In Canada Essay

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The term ‘diversity ‘refers to all of the significant differences between people, including perceptions of differences that need to be considered in particular situations and circumstances such as our thinking styles or beliefs and value (managing cultural diversity) .A population is made of several different people and therefore they have their own unique cultures which create huge impact on the society and the workplace of a particular country. Society is becoming more diverse due to increased cross-border mobility, less-rigid gender roles, improved living standards and individualization processes. Canada has one of the most diverse population as it can be analyze from the fact that One out of five people in Canada 's population is foreign-born (statistic Canada). Every one living in Canada is a stakeholder that contributes towards the cultural diversity in…show more content…
However too much diversity in a country might affect the original cultures of a country for example in Canada, the immigrants coming from different countries have different culture. For example Muslims usually wear “Shalwar Kameez” but when they come in Canada they prefer to wear “pant shirt” because sometimes it’s a requirement of the work place and it would look odd if they wear their traditional dresses in Canada. So in this way it’s affecting the original culture. Moreover there is a possibility that Canadians might think that cultural diversity is affecting their culture too and they are losing their values which might create a bad impact on the society for example, people might see their children following the practices of other culture leaving their practices behind. Therefore parents possibly force their children to practice their own culture and might stop them from spending time with the people who belongs to different culture since they do not want their

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