Community Diversity And Diversity

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Diversity is broad and incorporates the concept of acceptance and respect. It understands that individuals are unique in their own way and recognizes the differences between individuals which can be in terms of race, gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, religious beliefs among other ideologies (Nederveen et al, 20013). It entails the exploration of all these variances in a positive, safe and nurturing environment as well as understanding one another beyond levels of tolerance, so as to accept and celebrate the rich variety of diversity each individual possess.
Diversity in terms of culture entails differences in the human society or practices which can be limited to a specific region or throughout the world. The culture can be viewed as
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There is also need to introduce non-mainstream clusters of people in the middle of civic activity for the following reasons: for purposes of establishing communities with the capacity of achieving change in a significant way – when different groups work together, common goals will be realized more effectively as opposed to when working in isolation; different cultural groups possess inimitablestrengths and ideas that can benefit the larger community – when there are wide range of ideas, problems can be solved quickly and community life enriched; overcoming and averting separations both racially and ethnically through understanding the different cultures; achieving effective policies and programs by including people from varying cultures in the decision making process – people that are affected by a decision normally need to be included in articulating solutions; having a society that is just and impartial through appreciating the different diversity of cultures; and for purposes of learning the influence that cultural groups have in the mainstreaming of culture and history so as not to miss out on how the society and community at large is viewed (Puccetti,…show more content…
We ought to welcome everyone around us irrespective of their background for people to be able to oblige to working on diversity. People need to feel more appreciated and belonging to society if there is need to empower them to change. Making people feel guilty for the state they are in isn’t good when trying to foster diversity.
Learning about the different culture we have is vital in bringing people together as it can make known aspects in our lives that are important as well show the common practices we may share thus the need to treat people differently based on what they believe. It is also important to note that when dealing with diversity issues, people will be more willing to deal with tough issues when presented with hope rather than when they know that or feel like there is no hope with regards to a certain condition (Ng & Metz,

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