My Goals For A Clinical Day Essay

My Goals For A Clinical Day Essay

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Looking back on my goals for this clinical day, I would state that I did meet my goals. My overall goal was to become familiar with the clinical setting and the tasks that I would be asked to complete, and I feel that I completely met this goal. As the day progressed, I found myself receiving more exposure to the clinical setting and how to effectively perform skills. Following the concept of safety, I do feel that I met a majority of my goals for safety. During the day, I was able to explore my assigned patient, both by viewing her medical record and by interacting with her directly. This process sanctioned me to acquire the necessary information for my three primary diagnoses, medications, and the start of my concept map. While working with my assigned patient, and other patients on the floor, I remained aware of my surroundings and implemented safety precautions when needed. In the process of patient care and safety precautions, I relied on my therapeutic communication skills to drive my interactions with the CNAs, the nurses, and the patients on the floor. Of my goals set, the only one that I did not completely accomplish was working on all of my beginner skills. Two of the skills I did not get to practice were feeding and bathing/showering. Because I did not receive exposure to these skills today, I plan on making sure I practice these two skills on the next clinical day. Overall, I am pleased with the first clinical day and everything I was permitted to accomplish.

5. What would you do differently if you had it to do over? (Consider this as you plan for tomorrow).

The main behavior I would do differently, if given the opportunity, would be to try to be more involved in the beginning. I primarily focused on observing th...

... middle of paper ... the resident cleaned and comfortable, we began to put on a fresh brief when we realized we could not get the brief under our resident, because she was unable to assist in turning on her side. Rather than risking the patient, and our, safety, we asked for support from a CNA. Because the whole process was prolonged, we decided to try to divert our patient’s attention from the situation by asking her questions about her life. Not only did communicating with our patient relieve her distress, but it also permitted my partner and I to acquire information for our concept map. We attempted to make the best of the situation, by critically thinking on how to make the process as effortless and efficient as possible. In the end, our patient stood pleased with our efforts, the CNA was pleased to assist, and we felt as though we completed the task to the best of our abilities.

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