Thesis For All Gold Canyon

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Asking oneself the question why can create deep thinking on the reason people do certain things and the reason they do it in a specific way or manner. The short story “All Gold Canyon” has many specific concrete details put in the work to identify what the story is about and the real meaning behind the composition. Critical thinking is a large aspect that should be used more often when reading a book, watching a movie, or just simply analyzing the routine of some people. Critical thinking is applied when studying different literary works and creating a personal hypothesis based on what the written words in the story might express. “All Gold Canyon” has many specific details that bring out a viewpoint that the author is trying to get across. Some …show more content…

The story shows how beautiful and peaceful the scenery is at the beginning, but then man enters and corrupts the perfect scenery. This long and extensive portion of the story that shows the beauty in nature eventually foreshadows the destruction of the canyon when man steps foot into the perfect canyon. The imagery is setting up for the conflict between man and nature. The prospector even digging up the dirt in the search for gold is causing a disturbance in the peacefulness of the canyon. “It [the canyon] was as starlight into atmosphere, shot through and warmed by sunshine, and flower-drenched with sweetness.” Reading that can create a feeling that warms the reader’s heart and creates an image of purity and perfection in the canyon. Quietness describes the canyon before man enters it, and everything was at peace. Then as soon as man had entered the beauty of the canyon, it caused an immediate disturbance when the prospector had entered. “The clash of steel-shod soles against the rocks began to be heard, and the man’s voice grew louder.” The canyon and all its perfection is now tainted and no longer quiet and

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