My First Year Of Speech Pathology At The Brisbane Campus Of Acu Essay

My First Year Of Speech Pathology At The Brisbane Campus Of Acu Essay

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a) Communication:
i. Describe your personal communication style. What are your communication strengths and weaknesses?

Prior to starting my first year of Speech Pathology at the Brisbane campus of ACU, I felt that I often utilised excellent personal communication skills. However, after my first few weeks of lectures and tutorials, I feel that I am now very aware of how broad the definition of ‘good communication’ is and how my communication style may differ to that of others. I believed that my individual and personal communication style was clear, concise and simple. I also felt that I often utilised the domains of reading, writing, listening and speaking to enhance my communication with others. After reflecting upon my personal communication style, I have outlined a number of strengths and weaknesses that I am experiencing when communicating with others. I feel that when conversing with others I often practice straightforward, clear and confident language to ask questions and convey information with ease. I am aware that I also adapt my communication style to new and different situations dependent upon the number of participants in conversation and context. I feel that I enhance my communication skills by using positive and friendly body language, such as: using eye contact, smiling, maintaining good posture and having open palms. I feel that by displaying friendly and approachable body language assists me to establish respect, trust and rapport with others. However, I feel that I often struggle in reading the body behaviour of others and often feel nervous when attempting to avoid and resolve conflicts. I believe that my weaknesses in these areas of communication may hinder the effectiveness of my personal communication styl...

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...rove my communication skills in different contexts. I would like to approach the new learning opportunities with a positive sense of enthusiasm and willingness to be involved by asking a number of questions and demonstrating initiative. I would also like to find learning opportunities to improve my personal organisation skills. I feel that to be efficient I must be able to set, plan and prioritise goals and be able to clarify with my supervisor what needs to be achieved. From my observation template, I would like to make the most of all observing opportunities by breaking down information to gain a more in-depth understanding. While on placement, I would also like utilise the opportunity to learn and practice Speech Pathology professional ethics; I feel that I could benefit by enquiring about the values of the organisation and observing the conduct of my supervisor.

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