My First Person Who Changed My Life Essay

My First Person Who Changed My Life Essay

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Many people have contributed both my dreams and aspirations that have made me unique. Because of them, I have definitely become the strongest version of myself mentally and physically. I believe that is the aspect of myself that makes me unique. The hunger for being strong in all aspects. The contributors are my family members, my teachers, and my friends. There are five family members in my family and two of them have always significantly contributed to my life; they are my oldest brother and my father. My oldest brother has always helped me with my school work and taking care of me during my childhood, whereas my father has given me a lot of assistance with my education in my adolescent life. With their wonderful supports, I am now continuing my path to find the strongest version of myself.
First of all, the first person who has a huge impact in my life is, none other than, my oldest brother. His name is Roberto Corella named just like my father and he was the oldest sibling out of five. As the oldest sibling in the family, he is not only responsible for all of the family matters but also he takes care of his younger siblings because that is a role he has due to the reason that he is the oldest out of five. An oldest brother is a man who serves as a companion, father figure, and role model for a boy. He is always cracking jokes and pushes himself at the university. Furthermore, he was very smart at school because my mom and dad told me that he was one of the top students always in the classrooms; furthermore, he is the first person in my family to attend college because my parents strictly made it a priority for him to go. Due to this fact, he had never complained about his education to my parents. Moreover, he even spent more ...

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...other people. What is more, they have confidence in everything. I do not know if my oldest brother has inherited some characteristics from my father due to the fact that he is the first child of the family. The ways they handle the problems are generally identical as they solve the matters very calmly and peacefully without having any worries.
In the final analysis, my father and my oldest brother are the type of people whom I must value and love forever and they are very important for me as a role model. I feel very much appreciated for what they have done for me. Having this kind of optimistic father and supportive older brother, I have successfully on my last year before I graduate from high school and move on to another challenging level in life college. I cannot wait on the many challenges that lie ahead in order to obtain the things that I am passionate about.

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