Personal Essay: Lessons That I Have Learned From Life

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There are numerous lessons that I have learned from life, they were lessons that I learned from good and bad experiences in life. Different experiences from school and out of school that has made me the way I am today. There is a long list of experiences that in reality did not teach me much. When I was the age of four years old, I started to watch the anime, Dragonball Z, I know this may not be an example of a lesson, but if it is, it is a big lesson because I learned countless of things from the anime. It taught me about friendship, relationships with people and family, love, honor, honesty, and to live life to the fullest. I learned that mentorship is important, mentors come in many forms. There are some that teach you authentic skills…show more content…
Another one is obviously because she is my mother, I respect her, and I love her to death. My other role model is Yvonne Strahovski, the actress from ‘Chuck’ because if you watched her in interviews and videos, you can see that she is humane, sweet, intelligent, fun, talented and a strong woman. She supports and gives money to charities such as St. Jude’s Hospital. She supports animal rights and she adopted a dog from an animal foundation. She is a great example of a good role model. I used to look up to Selena and I still do, I loved all her songs and she had a beautiful…show more content…
However I did not have a big problem being in that class, the only issue was there were no instrument like a keyboard piano. The instrument that I picked was the brass flute since it looked easy to learn. As I continued to practice playing the flute in my Beginning Band class and rehearse after school, I mastered to which keys to press and how to blow properly in the riser. To be able to play at a slow tempo, regular tempo, and swift tempo. As matter of fact, I also learned to work well and play all together with my classmates and my flute partner, Robbie Lee. From being in this class, My Beginning Band has taught me skills of playing an instrument besides a keyboard piano and gave me more knowledge about music. Somehow being in that class, it inspired me to teach myself to sing well and show people that I do not just draw, but that I know how to sing and

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