Essay on My First Day My Mentality

Essay on My First Day My Mentality

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Entering this class on the first day my mentality was forcing the thought upon me that it would be hell throughout this fall semester. I was pleasantly surprised as to how well the class went for me, because previous years of English I had never really grasped as many things as I did throughout this one semester. Even with our short amount of time together and the hardships of a once a week course professor Miller has truly been impacted my writing in a major way! She introduced me to the helpful tools of SmartThinking and PaperRater which have also improved my writing greatly by helping to point out the simple errors I may have missed. I have learned a lot about the different forms of papers such as compare and contrast papers are not persuasive papers which I previously thought were almost identical. Well to make it simple I have truly enjoyed this class for the most part while also becoming a better writer!
I came into this class as a mediocre writer due to my poor grammar and lack of structure within my papers. As we have progressed through this fall semester professor Miller has helped me improve my grammar skills greatly, and she has also help my get a better understanding of the structures to my papers. For example, we recently did a class wide quiz on grammar on the smartboard and I placed second out of the whole class! If we would have had that quiz the first day of class I guarantee that I would be among the lower half of the class in my grammar skills. Possibly that could be done for the upcoming classes, so professor Miller can see where they stand from the beginning and the students can see their improvement by the end of the semester! Personally, if that would have happened to our class it could possibly give stude...

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... a week course instead of the once a week, because even though the overall time is the same within the class room it feels as if you get a quarter of the time you do for a twice a week course. Truthfully after about the first hour and a half each class I just powered down and was not motivated to do any work. The course other than the once a week issue was truly an eye-opening experience thanks to professor Miller. Professor Miller is truly dedicated to her teaching and is willing to sacrifice her own time and provide you with as many resources she can to ensure your understanding and success of her course. To conclude this reflection, I would just like to say thank you to professor Miller for everything she has done for the class and myself. I truly appreciate you and all you have done. I wish you the best of luck in your future and I hope to see you again sometime!

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