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After taking this course, this has been a struggling journey. I did not find fun in this class due to the grade I have now as a result. My writing skills did not improve from high school, losing confidence in myself to create well-written, interesting papers. However, this class has given me ideas about new styles of writing. Having done these papers helped me to discern the qualifications to write a rhetorical analysis essay from a visual critique paper. Here is how my experience in College Writing went.
The first experience in class is learning how to write a paper for an audience and how to write different genres of academic writing. Since high school, my logic class taught us the three appeals of logic: logos, ethos, and pathos. The tool I used in my papers is emotional logic [pathos] because people used their emotions to speak about
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The rhetorical analysis paper talked about comparing and contrasting two different articles in order to conclude that one article is effective to the audience. The problem I had with the genre is that both articles speak on two different subjects rather than two positions. Instead of writing about what the articles are about, it is writing about the articles’ authorship and content. In other words, it is writing about another author’s writing and his effectiveness towards his audience. The other genre was the critical review essay. I had to choose an item to talk about and explain the qualities of the item. I decide to use the movie Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too. I talked about the characters, the plot, the themes in the movie, and the director’s choice of authors. The problem I had is the audience did not understand the movie as I tried; instead, I create a paper about the plotline of the movie rather than answering how and why Tyler Perry created the movie. Both papers I had failed to interest the audience, which explains why I got a C on both

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