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As I chose to take this class and better my writing skills at a college level, I knew this class was going to be difficult. With a total of four essays to write I knew I had to be on my game from the beginning. Throughout durations of this class, I have learned how to become more responsible, plan ahead of time, and how to become a better writer. With each mistake made i have been able to learn and improve. An Ad Analysis, Comparative Analysis, Narrative, and an Argumentative Essay are the four papers we had to write for the course. The first and hardest essay we had to write was the Ad Analysis. The reason this essay was the most difficult is because we had to pick choose an ad that had enough content to write a thorough paper on. After finding our ad, the process began. We were required to analyze what made the ad most effective. After finally figuring how to write this essay the writing was easy. The grade I received was an eighty-five, which I considered a success. But once I looked over my paper and saw all the mistakes I made, I knew I had to work harder and prepare better for my next one. …show more content…

The process for this essay was longer and more complicated.We were required to compare the feudal system to our school district. Also, we had to research two different systems and compare their similarity and differences. The process of this essay was more difficult, but the writing was much easier than the Ad Analysis. Although they both were the same type of essay, I knew more about this topic and that made the essay smooth and easier to write. As I worked I remembered all the mistakes I made in my first essay, knowing I could not make those mistakes again. Preparing more and reading more about my topic enabled my essay to be better than the first

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  • Explains that they chose to take this class and better their writing skills at a college level. with four essays to write, they knew they had to be on their game from the beginning.
  • Explains that the first and hardest essay they had to write was the ad analysis. they were required to analyze what made the ad most effective.
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