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Writing is so much easier when you don’t have a ridiculous amount of guidelines you have to follow. With literary freedom, we are able to express ourselves more than if we have to follow a specific set of rules for every thing we write. This is one downfall for high school English. We have to order our papers in a specific sequence while writing about a topic that is chosen for us. This English composition class changed all of that. We were able to write about anything that related to the given type of essay, which greatly improved our ability to fully immerse ourselves into every paper. This greatly affected my writing thoughts about writing; they changed from hating to write for school to actually enjoying it because I was able to find new things about my self while deepening my knowledge for writing.
With our first paper, a Literary Analysis, I wrote about the struggles of changing writing styles in college. I reflected on the types of writing we did in high school and how it shaped everyone to write in a passive tone to get more information across to the reader. With this paper, Dr. Schlueter let us write in our own style. This was a big change from what I was used to in high school. I was able to understand different types of writing though the research I performed to find out what kind of writer I was and how I should be writing in college. Without being given specific guidelines, besides “write about a memorable experience involving reading or writing”, I was forced to use my own creativity to write a paper that met the limited requirements (I use the word limited very loosely). This first paper really helped me figure out my style and made and impact on my other papers that I wrote for this class.
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...ough my writing, not only as a writer but also as a person.
As I look back on my first semester of English at Tri-C, I can tell that I have grown in my writing ability. The changes that I have made will impact my writing style and techniques for the rest of my time in college and life. I will need to use many of the different strategies I used this semester for writing my essays through out my college transfer process. After completing my Associates of Applied Sciences Degree through the Recording Arts and Technology program I will be transferring to Baldwin Wallace to complete a Bachelors Degree in Music Business. I hope that I get the change to put all that I have learned this semester to good use in the future, I know that I have learned a lot and have enjoyed so. Thank you for teaching such a great class, it was a great way to start off my college career!
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