My Environmental Scanning Analysis : Amc Leaders Essay

My Environmental Scanning Analysis : Amc Leaders Essay

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Per my environmental scanning analysis, I advise that AMC leaders should continue to recognize God as their ultimate boss and work for Him in all that they do. “Future scanning, however, shifts the focus toward the future and new opportunities, placing the organization in a position where it can be proactive” (Phillips, 2012, pg.140). This analysis has also shown that the leaders should have these colossal implications as listed below:
• Caring for the people around them
• Operation of the organization with integrity and with excellence
• Healthy balance between work and life
• Expectation of conflict and response with proper attitude
• Understanding of other worldviews and share with others
• Leading is based on Christian principles

Recommended Strategic Actions
Even though AMS leaders are following these above biblical and strategic principles, they still should make communication as a major organizational strategy by asking and listening devotedly to their staff instructors as well as students. This action can guide them through discernment based on what is real and important to them. Through this strategy, AMS can recognize certain habits, ways of seeing and speaking and acting that may not be useful and or visible. Furthermore, AMS realizes it should be communicative to motivate and inspire people through good times and hard times. Importantly, it has the ability and a deep desire to help and support organization. With these communication qualities, AMS can give the organization an individualized attention and personal venture while it brings out well-being and capability at its best. When this happens, AMS will become a success.
Accordingly, I encourage AMS to sign up for Christian newsletters and subscribe to pr...

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...ion with superior service orientation and diplomacy and their leader-follower relationships with ease and enthusiasm. Therefore, leaders should apply these strategic principles sequentially to be successful Christian leaders while committing to the LORD whatever they prepare, and their plans will succeed. Having a business can pose considerable personal challenges for Christian leaders, whose responsibility can change radically and strategically. After all, leadership is about creativity with innovation and a free spirit while leading others.
Since this consultation only represents a minor percentage, if you want to discuss further, creating a complete consulting report for your organization, please contact me. I will be delighted to serve you. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work on your initial consulting report based on the certain analysis.

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