Internal And External Environment Analysis

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Organisation is the most important element in management. Any organization is located and operated in the environment. Every action of all organizations is possible only if it allows its realization. The internal environment is the source of its vitality. It involves the capacity needed for the functioning of the organization, but at the same time can be a source of problems and even her death of the organisation. The external environment is the source that supply organization resources. The organization is in constant exchange with the external environment consequently it provides itself with survival. The main objective of this work is to consider elements of the internal and external environment of the organization which are in a constant…show more content…
The manager should be able to select and know these factors. As organization is created systems by people, the internal factors are mainly the result of management decisions. Not all of the internal factors are completely controlled by the management. Organization is influenced by many environmental factors. In the new millennium we have to learn how to live in a market economy. And the most important condition for this is a highly skilled managers. Ability to identify and analyze the internal elements of the organization and external factors is the key to the success of the business. The main factors in the organization that require management attention are objectives, structure, tasks, technology and people. An organization can be seen as a means to achieve the objectives that allows people to perform collectively what they could not carry out individually. Goals are desired outcome, which aims to achieve a group working together. The main objective of most organizations is profit. Income is a key indicator of the organization. People are the basis of any organization. Without people there is no organization. They shape the culture of the organization and its internal climate. They determine what the organization is. Manager generates frames, establishes a system of relations between people and include them in the process of…show more content…
The main factors are: objectives, structure, tasks, technology and people. Changing one of them to a certain extent affect the others. The success of the organization also depends on the external environment of the organization, which is not possible without the life cycle of any organization. Analysis of the external environment is very important for the development strategy of the organization and a very complex process requiring a process tracking and assessment factors and also the establishment of links between those factors and the strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats. External environment has its complexity and uncertainty. It is obvious that without knowing the environment the organization can not exist. The organization studies the environment in order to secure a successful progress towards its goals. Consequently, the most important object to learn is that external factors, coupled with the internal environment factors have a decisive impact on the functioning of the organization. All factors are closely twisted and affect each other. The manager should be able to analyze all these factors together and without losing any of the mind and make the right

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