My Definition Of Art Is Based Upon My Personal Life Experience Essay

My Definition Of Art Is Based Upon My Personal Life Experience Essay

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My definition of art is based upon my personal life experience in which anything created by an individual can bring unique beauty to the world. As a writer, I am an artist. As dancing allows me to transform emotions into movement, composing a piece of literature, permits me to convert my thoughts and ideas into concrete words. The ability to create physical matter out of something abstract such as emotion, thoughts, and ideas is a gift many over look as an ordinary phenomenon. Based on opinion, there are many aspects that create the sum of an extraordinary piece of writing, personally, I believe the main characteristics are originality, style, evidence, support, organization, and revision.
Originality is a key component to creating a unique essay. Exhibiting the ability to think independently and creatively leads to writing distinctive essays. This concept must be applied to research papers as well where facts and research need to be incorporated into one’s own writing. Through my growth as a writer, I’ve learned how to relate information gathered as original ideas expressed through innovative thought.
Achieved with the use of style, unique writing creates an interesting composition. Finding the balance between disciplined writing that is grammatically and syntactically correct, and personal style and flow remains a challenge. Nevertheless, with practice, the methodized aspect of writing becomes natural, therefore allowing my style to shine through without degrading my level of writing.
Concerning a non-fictional piece of literature, a strong essay provides dependable evidence. Supporting claims and personal views with evidence formed by hypotheses, not only offers reliability to an essay, but also affirms integrity and certai...

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...l for my future writing is that the number of revisions will increase with every essay I write, even if I find another review unnecessary at the time. By multiple drafts and revisions, achieving an immaculate essay, becomes attainable.
Writing at its core should not be a tedious task, instead an enjoyable one. The rules and requirements of composing respectable literature previously tainted my idea of writing. However through practice and growth the tedious facets of writing becomes progressively more natural, which allows the enjoyable aspects to become prevalent. Writing is an essential part of communication and learning. From generation to generation writings have been passed down to teach about the past, to improve the present and influence the future. To me, writing is a form of art, and everyday I feel my outlook on the art form shifts in a positive direction.

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