Definition Essay - Defining Art

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Definition Essay – Defining Art

What is art? Art and perception are deeply interrelated, since our ability to experience and comprehend artistic works is strongly biased by our own perceptions. Accordingly, any definition of art should emphasize the importance of perception in creating and experiencing art. Yet, each person has his or her own opinion of every artistic work, biased by his or her own perceptions, causing each person to define art as a whole in his or her own subjective manner. Hence, in my opinion it is impossible to create an objective definition of art, if art is something that each person perceives and experiences in a wholly subjective manner.

In my view, art is the representation and transmission of thought. It is the representation of the thoughts or experiences of an artist, created to transmit and subsequently evoke the same thoughts or experiences vicariously in an audience, via the artist’s creation. I believe art is based on the fact that people, through their own perceptions, can experience the same thoughts or feelings as the artist. I...

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