Rhetorical Analysis Of Neil Postman's Influence On Society

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Receiving the opportunity to check one of my completed compositions created leverage to strengthen elements of my oeuvre. This reflection consists of a process of dissection, scrutiny, and close reassessment. As a writer in the editing and revision stage, I examined particular features throughout my essay including background information about the topic, credible evidence to support overall claims, and grammar and sentence structure.
In the intro of my essay, I listed vague examples about how television impacts society. Throughout my content I did not elaborate on Postman’s believed the age of typography was, and the difference between the past and the age of show business today. In addition, I lacked comparing Postman’s argument to Francis
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This text was also among my most favorable topics, as I can relate to the generation of technology, its advances and consequences, and its role and influence on society. I evaluated three pieces of texts, all of which presented thorough research. My analysis was an investigation of a book I found to be an outstanding read, amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman. I evaluated Postman’s argument, and incorporated and established my own stance and position towards the consequences of technology today and in the future on our society. I created a persuasive argument connected to Postman’s…show more content…
I am more knowledgeable about invention, arrangement, style, and delivery, all in which create a masterful piece of text. A few examples, I have learned to organize and construct my thoughts and ideas clearer. I have been taught to use stronger transitions and focus more on the delivery and content of the body element of essays. Further, the instructions and advice I have received throughout this term have influenced my understanding of the purpose of writing. My outlook on writing has been modified by shifting my perception of writing from, writing to prove I am a good writer by perceiving it as using “fluffy” or BIG words to impress my audience. I grew to understanding that good writing’s purpose is to engage the writer by mind-striking ideas and arguments, which therefore will prove and title me as a “good writer”.
This assignment is a testament of growth and contributed to my outlook on strategies towards improving my writing through the importance of understanding how crucial, each component of the writing process is and how in depth you should take each process. Lastly, this reflection advocated how editing is the principal task of every good writer. “To write is human, to edit is divine,” Stephen