My Abilities At The Beginning Of The Semester Essay

My Abilities At The Beginning Of The Semester Essay

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My abilities at the beginning of the semester were very simple, that were based on the material that I have taken in the bridge program and writing 101. They were mainly about the skills on how to start an academic essay. One of the challenges that I faced at the beginning of the semester was the fact that last essay I wrote was a year ago (fall 2015). Another issue was when I faced an argumentative essay I realized that my brainstorming were good, but I lacked in delivering it to build up my draft. To illustrate, choosing the topic (postmodern architecture) was not a problem, however, due to the fact that the topic was too narrow and I didn’t have enough background about it. To find a way to support my ideas I have done a lot of researches. Even though I have looked up for a lot of sources, I couldn’t find enough specific sources that satisfied my need. One of the things that were really helpful was seeking help from my professor during class time and office hours. Another useful thing was the opposing view website, in providing me some pother views of my topic that I can search for. For example, I had some so difficulties with the effect that postmodern architecture has on society, but when I looked it up on the opposing view website, they provide me with articles that talk about how architecture can save the heritage, then I linked it with the concept of postmodern architecture as having the traditional element and I end up with the second effect on society. “It would benefit the society by conserving their heritage” (Taifour, 2016, p.6). One of the things that I learned is that I have to make enough researches on the topic, after that I can narrow it down based on the opposing views that I have found.

In writing 102 I hav...

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...finally, I understand the format that may be useful foe an argumentative essay, and it became easier for me to write it again. For example, I understood that thesis should for an argumentative essay should include my opinion as the first part, and the second and third part should be about the effect that my issue has is society. “Even though eastern countries have a great heritage that could be used for postmodern architecture, there are a few examples over there that may be beneficial by preserving their heritage while modernizing their architecture. Moreover, it helps people express their cultural identity in architecture with a modern sense” (Taifour, 2016, p.3). This format also helps me with organizing my body paragraphs. The first part of the thesis should talk about my first body paragraph and the same for the second and the third part of the claim statement.

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